The Story of Disabled Climber Who Reaches for The Highest Peak

Pythag Kurniati - 04 Desember 2015 11:30 wib
Sabar Gorky (Photo: MTVN/Pythag Kurniati)
Sabar Gorky (Photo: MTVN/Pythag Kurniati), Solo: “Life is full of challenges. Then what we have to do is to be friends with the challenge."
It is the words of the disabled climber from Solo, Sabar Gorky about his faith. 
He was always happy, as smile did not vanish from his lips when telling the story of him climbing more than 15 mountains. Even, the three among them were the prestigious mountains on earth included in the Seven Summit, which are Elbrus Peak, Russia (5,642 masl), Kilimanjaro Peak (5,985 masl) and Cartenz Peak (4.884 masl).
Cartenz Peak is the mountain top he managed to climb in August 2015. "Although it is not higher than Kilimanjaro, the terrain was harder. There, the temperature was also extreme, it reaches minus eight degrees at night, and 35 degrees Celsius an daytime. We were also faced with the probability of ice rain," he said with excitement. From the other 26 climbers, he is the only disabled climber managed to set his foot on the Cartenz Peak.
Nevertheless, Sabar still shows his humility. "I don't like the term conquering. Because it was only by God's help that I made it," he mentioned.
Rising with one foot
Behind the extraordinary story, who have thought that 25 years ago, this great man who achieved gold medal in the Asian paraclimbing championship in Cheunchon, South Korea in 2009, had experienced a heavy depression.
"Almost six months, exactly in 1990 that I felt depressed, following the loss of a leg in a train accident," he said.
At the time, the 19-year old Sabar felt his future would be destroyed. He, who actually loves challenges of nature, felt his life is worthless with only a leg.
What had made Sabar to rise from depression? He affirmatively mentioned family and friends. "My friends urged me to climb up the mountain. At the time, I think whether I could climb with only one leg," Sabar stated.
Lawu mountain finally became the first mountain he climbed in 1991, after he lost his leg. 
"When I got to the top, it felt awesome, my spirit was awaken," he said.
Not only Lawu, Sabar then has a dream to climb the Seven Summit. After reaching Cartenz, in January 2016, he plans to climb the Aconcagua Peak, Argentina.
“If we want to, we can. For the friends who have created something, maintain the opportunity and trust well," said the father of a child in the International Disabled Day on December 3, 2015.



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